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‘Dastaan’ is a performance experience in 2 halves of projected film with live music. Set up in a silent film style scenario, it is played by five musicians of different musical genres, backgrounds and faiths, including Sonia Sabri Company's Musical Director Sarvar Sabri. 'Dastaan' explores the traditional Persian calligraphy known as Nasta’liq and celebrates it as an artform in its own right.

The project features Birmingham Royal Ballet Associate Director Marion Tate, who dances in the film. The film is a visceral experience, a result of working with calligraphy, movement and animation through a collaborative process. It takes inspiration from a ghazal which features in a 16th century Mughal manuscript in the British Library collections, roughly translating as ‘In the beginning of creation a ray of your beauty appeared and put the whole universe on fire’.
The music will be composed and structured in some sections and improvised in others, thus responding to each musician's artistry, as well as the visuals, making it a unique performance each time. In ‘Dastaan’ the audience see calligraphy come alive and dance across the screen.

With ‘Dastaan’ we find a meeting of the interlinked cultures of India and Persia, and then translate that into the context of a modern, multi-cultural Britain. ‘Dastaan’ is a Farsi word, which has been used by Urdu speaking people and from there came to the Hindi language. It means ‘story’ or ‘story of our life’ and is a poetical word used in lyrics and poems.
Funded by Arts Council England. Supported by the British Library and Birmingham Royal Ballet.

در ازل پرتو حسنت ز تجلی دم زد عشقپیداشدوآتشبههمهعالمزد
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Sam Fox
vocal / Piano / Harp

Alvin Davis

Sarvar Sabri

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