Wed, May 10 2017 03:28
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Nu Story- 
Starting on Friday the 12th of May we will be leading a  creative project of learning called Nu Story.  This will provide sharing and nurturing through the medium of movement and storytelling inspired by Kathak Dance. The project will enable young women to share their personal experiences of being a woman of particular ethnicity, or hardships originating from particular social backgrounds. 
The lead artist and support artist will train a group of up to 5 session leaders and 5 students from the Saheli Hub based in Birmingham. These individuals will be guided in the art of contemporary Kathak and introduced to new skills of mime and storytelling over a number of weeks.  
The Saheli Hub trainees will then use these skills to lead storytelling/movement workshops individually with women from other groups and priority areas to pass on their skills through a creative process with the support and guidance of either the lead or support artist. 
There is the option that each performance goes on to perform a curtain raiser as part of our professional touring work entitled Nu Body. 
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